Meet the Doctor

Dr. Howard Goodman, D.C. has been delivering quality non-surgical pain relief options to thousands of patients from all over the world in his Park Avenue office since 1998.

In 2000, Dr. Goodman suffered a debilitating herniated disc injury and over the course of three years, he gained 125 lbs. from medical mismanagement of his condition, cortisone shots, lack of exercise and the depression that comes along with physical pain and inactivity, Dr. Goodman maxed out at 356 lbs.

Desperate and in excruciating pain from the excessive weight, Dr. Goodman underwent a gastric bypass surgery. Even after that surgery and the weight loss that ensued, Dr. Goodman was still in pain. After trying everything, including, chiropractic therapy, physical therapy and all options; Dr. Goodman was considering a spinal fusion surgery, luckily before it came to that a fellow chiropractor introduced him to a new non-surgical alternative that eliminated his pain, and gave him his life back.

He went on to share his joy of pain relief with the world, and in a never ending quest, developed a unique system that contains several elements of Disc re-hydration, Muscular re-education and Disc nutrition, to help ensure a long standing result for his patients. With this system, Dr. Goodman continues to help many people today.

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