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I am a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service working out of the Murray Hill Post Office in Manhattan, New York. The work I do is physically demanding, entailing quite a bit of bending and lifting with weights that can vary from 10 to 100 pounds. Not surprisingly after twenty years there has been some wear and tear on my body. Recently I had a major problem with my back. I was in quite a bit of pain and very concerned about how this would affect my job and my future health. I went to see Dr. Howard Goodman who had been highly recommended to Inc by a number of people. Dr. Goodman made a wonderful impression on me with his obviously thorough knowledge and compassionate manner. After the first treatment there was marked relief from the severe pain. I then literally put myself in his capable hands and with a prescribed course of treatment he put me back on my feet. I am back at work with no ill affects and am feeling better than I have in the last five years. I am very grateful for all the good work and helpful advice the Doctor has given me. I would recommend Doctor Goodman highly to anyone who is interested in not only improving their health but consequently their quality of life. I really think this man has something special to offer and the serious desire to share his knowledge for the betterment of his patients.

With many thanks,

Michael C.

Dear Dr. Goodman,

After many friends recommended chiropractic treatment as an alternate solution as a relief from allergies I decided to seek help. Fortunately for me, your practice is close to my office, so I came in one day to get more information. Your explanation of chiropractic treatment was informative and thorough. I felt comfortable enough to give it a try. After several months of adjustments, my overall health has been better. I am supposed to take allergy medication twice a day, and asthma medication four times a day. I now take both medications only when necessary. My range of motion for my neck and arms has increased significantly. I also used to feel “knots” in by neck, which have subsided since being under you care. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for alleviating my ailments. It is very comforting to see a doctor who is genuinely concerned about my total well-being.


Roseann D.

Dear Dr. Goodman

Thank you so much for all you have done to help heal me.

Due to some injuries to my neck and spine during my adult life, I have herniated discs in both the lumbar and cervical areas. Over the years I have learned the hard way how to avoid the debilitating events that left me helpless and in severe pain, unable to function sometimes for weeks at a time. As a result I had to be careful about how I moved, sat, slept. I had to keep my back and neck in my consciousness most of the time for fear of experiencing that excruciating pain. I was excited and hopeful when I saw your ad for spinal decompression. After the first two treatments I knew I was doing the right thing. Now that I’ve completed the full course of treatment I am thrilled with the results. I am much more relaxed and feel more confident in the way I move. Even when I have done things which would have set off another back incident for me, I just take a moment to relax and breathe, the muscles relax and everything falls back in place. I have not had any pain since I started treatment. But the best result of all for me is that I gained back a 1/2 inch in height (after having lost an inch in height due primarily to the herniated discs and partially to age).

Thank you for your care and caring spirit (and humor! which always helps). I hope that this letter will inspire others to pursue this kind of healing for themselves.

With best regards,

Ayo S.

Dr. Goodman I want to thank you for your commitment and energy put forth in healing my lower back problems. After discovering that I had 3 herniated discs L2-L3, L4-L5 & L5-S1 and was unable to move in any capacity your treatment using the Herniated Disc machine was a miracle. For 5 months I was on oral pain medications, undergoing weekly spinal nerve block injections cortisone injections and taking numerous dangerous neuropathic/nerve blocking medications – all without any hope of being cured. Your call to me in January 2006 to begin treatment with you was the first REAL step towards a cure. As you discussed with me you thought that I would require 20 treatments. As I write this after my 2211 r treatment I am almost PAIN FREE, and look forward to a simple maintenance schedule so l can remain pain free. I urge you to continue your work in the field of severe disc herniation because as a patient, no other medical field or professional was able to offer a cure or even a strategy towards a cure. I am confident that you will be very successful in helping others like me. Please feel free to share my story with any patient you may have, let them know that there are viable alternatives and that you have achieved great success where others have failed.

With Many Thanks and Best Regards,

Robert C.

Dear Howard,

I have returned from my Europe visit and finally get a chance to thank you now. Thank you so much for all that you have done for us. It has been so wonderful to get such a great referral from Jamehl. Every time I came to your practice I have learned something new. I think I have never met a doctor who took the time to really inform his patients about his practices and about what is really going on medically in the world. I have appreciated every minute of your lectures. I have enrolled fulltime in the university now, but I wish I had the time to come down more often. Thank you for your lovely card. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best and the success you definitely deserve.

Thank you for everything.

My warmest regards,


Dear Dr. Goodman:

I am writing this letter, to let you know, how much I appreciate all your help in a trying time. You and Jeff have been great comfort to me, when I thought I had exhausted all my options. When I first came to your office, only about 3 months ago, I could barely walk, I was diagnosed with Stenosis of the Lumbar spine. Tie pain was excruciating. After speaking with you, and an examination of my MRI, you assured me, that, with the use of the Spinal-Aid-Decompression Machine, and your treatment program, that I could be helped. You, and your assistant Jeff, were kind and caring. A rarity in the medical profession. After a few weeks, using the Decompression Machine, and your treatment plan, I began to see immediate results. The pain was almost gone, and your positive attitude, only made me feel, that, things would continually get better, and they did. After only 2 and a half months, I am almost pain free. I am not taking any pain medications, only an occasional over-the-counter Inflammatory.

You are a great healer! And Jeff is absolutely great! God bless you both. Keep up the good work. You are both amazing!


Judith T.

Dear Dr. Goodman:

When I first met you in February 2008 I had already been suffering in pain for nine months. I had seen my internist, an orthopedic surgeon, acupuncturist and a chiropractor and no one had been able to provide relief. When I heard about you type of treatment, I was at first skeptical but it was from someone who had already been treated and cured by you. I felt I had no other options. In my initial consultation, you explained my problem and the treatment in great detail and your caring manner put my mind at ease. I was ready for the treatment. It was hard to believe after only the first visit I felt some relief for the first time in nine months. As you told me originally, after about eight weeks I was pain free for the first time in nine months. I cannot thank you enough for the care and your caring ways. I am back to jogging and exercising and will start playing tennis next week.


Ira S.

Dear Dr. Goodman:

At the onset of treatment you highly recommended I purchase the support brace, SystemLoc Decompressor. At first I thought it rather expensive, however I trusted your advice and I’ve been blessed ever since. Although I’m not sure how it does its magic, the brace enables me to do my daily living more comfortably and at times, takes the pain away. In retrospect, the brace is worth every penny. It appears you’re not the only one in this process that gives excellent support!

Thank you for your care and expertise.

Linda W.

Dr. Goodman,

This note has been a long time in coming.

Let me first thank you and Naz for the exceptional treatment and unending flexibility you have always shown me. I can’t truly express how grateful I am to have been referred to you. I only wish I didn’t have to wait 33 1/2 years to find your practice.

My medical history is long and complicated. I had a tracheo-esophageal fistula (my esophagus was not connected to my stomach at birth, and I required emergency surgery) at 14 hours old. As a result of the surgery, I was left with no pectoral major on the right side, and no latisimus dorsi on the right side. My right shoulder sits differently than my left, and is several inches higher. Suit coats and dress shirts never fit me correctly, even custom made clothing. I have been an athlete all my life, but have always had a need to crack my back, neck, hips, knees, ankles and elbows. Working out has always helped and being at the gym 5 days per week has done nothing but help me; though I need to spend at least 30 minutes stretching.

When I first met with you, I had a limited range of motion in my neck, my weight distribution was off by 20 pounds, I hunched forward when I walked and had incredibly poor posture. I wasn’t able to sleep well, I took countless anti inflammatory pills and I became accustomed to having various chronic and nagging pains in my body. Thirty some odd years of certain muscles overcompensating for others had certainly taken their toll. Certain muscles in my body were stronger than others, and as a result; my they had developed unevenly.

I knew I was in good hands after our 1st meeting. As anxious as I was to get adjusted, feel things shifting and popping; you took your time to explain each step of a care plan to me. I know that my wife appreciated your taking the time to speak with her as well. It is a huge help that she knows exactly what we are working towards.

In the time that you have been treating me, my physical condition has changed tremendously.

My body does not crack, pop and shift like it did. I sleep better. My weight is distributed evenly. I can, and do stand up straight now. I am more flexible, stronger and in much better shape than I was when you and 1st met. My body can now handle 5 to 7 rigorous workouts (weight training + 60 minutes of cardio) per week. Most importantly, my adjustments hold longer; requiring fewer appointments.

A major part of my hesitation in seeking chiropractic traces back to a myth that, “Chiropractors don’t fix anything.” Unlike physical therapy that I had experienced in the past, I had been told that chiropractic would not ‘cure’ me of anything. I am happy to say that those assumptions are a myth. Your treatment has literally begun to ‘set me straight’ and let my body heal itself.

I have never ‘been’ better in my life. Feeling better is one thing, however; being better is another thing all together. My quality of life has improved. I can finally stand up straight, sleep well, get through the day pain free, my cholesterol and blood pressure are down, my weight continues to drop, and I am getting stronger. I am also a Type 2 Diabetic and on medication. Whether or not it is a correlation, the dosage of medication I take on a daily basis has dropped consistently since I have been under your care. The next step will be off medication completely. That is an accomplishment. I was diagnosed 4 years ago, and now after 9 months under your care, I am one step away from being off medication.

Suffice to say, there is no way that I can truly thank you other than continuing to send people your way. Everyone should be fortunate enough to be under your care. I trust you implicitly, and thank you for all that you have done, and for putting my body in the position to heal itself. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

The power is on.

With deepest thanks and utmost respect,

Steve L.

Dear Dr. Goodman:

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that my back feels great. It has been about 15 months since I had spinal treatment with you and my back feels so good that I can now go to the gym on a daily basis. Hopefully my back will continue to feel as good as it does now, but, if necessary, I won’ t hesitate to call you again. Thank you for your help.

Sincerely yours,

Harold B.

P.S. Please tell your staff for making it a pleasant experience.

I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back. I abused my back for years and kind of forced myself to live with the pain. Eventually it got bad and waking up everyday in pain was just too much to deal with. I was 29years old with a bad back. I thought it was hopeless. I heard an infomercial on the radio about “spinal decompression.” I was slightly skeptical, but I had to give it a try. After just a few sessions (about 3) I was already feeling much better. My back began to loosen up and feel pain free again. I lost all nerve pain and after about eighteen sessions, I was completely pain- free. I still work regularly and go to the gym often without experiencing any back problems. I c an’ t believe how much better my back feels. Spinal decompression was the answer to all of my back problems. I am constantly telling other people about this treatment. Dr. Goodman and his assistant Jeff: are the nicest guys. They really care and want you to get better. I ‘d recommend spinal decompression to anyone.


James C.

Dr. Goodman,

Thank you for having the courage to something new. I wouldn’t have had as good of an experience anywhere else. You and Jeff made everything so comfortable and convenient. You are going to help so many people heal and grow. If there is even anything I can do to help you help other people, please let me know. You have my eternal gratitude. My hope is that everyone suffering needlessly can get the help they deserve. Thank you for helping me.

Thank you so much for helping me get my life,

Amanda RN